ASM Satellite Workshop 2020

This event has been postponed due to the COVID19 outbreak. More information will be available soon.

This year’s theme: Integrated approaches to zoonoses: a systems thinking primer





How to apply?


Why should I attend this workshop?

The COVID-19 outbreak in China makes clear that there will always be new and emerging zoonotic diseases that pose a serious threat to human and/or animal health.

This kind of threat can happen in every country, requesting actions in the different sectors and collaboration between sectors. The question is, are you prepared to deal with it in a One Health fashion?

In this workshop we will inquire, how signalling and response is organised in your country and who plays a role in it. We will use system thinking to hopefully open the perspective on opportunities to enhance the collaboration between sectors.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to:

  • Get insight in how signalling and response to zoonoses is organised in your country and who plays a role.
  • Get insight in where collaboration between different sectors involved in zoonoses can be improved in your country.
  • Get a peak into what systems thinking is and how it can help tackling wicked (= complex) problems.
  • Experience systems mapping as a way to draft the context, useful for many situations.

What is Systems Thinking?

In a nutshell, systems thinking is a way of looking at and talking about reality that helps us understand and work with complex systems that interact with their environment.

It helps conceptualising many elements that interact and behave, and that are in their totality at times beyond our capacity to grasp. System thinking allows us to analyse details without losing the sense for the whole. It offers a set of tools for capturing, analysing and communicating about systems.

In the workshop, we will look closer at stakeholder analysis and system mapping, two tools that are useful for disease management in general.

Am I Eligible? What are the selection criteria?

Because we can handle only a limited number of participants, we will apply the following criteria to select participants. You increase your chance of participating if:

  • You pair up with someone from your country
  • You pair up with someone from a different sector from your country
  • You pair up with someone with a different level of expertise (PhD student with junior/senior professional and vice versa).

If necessary, we can help you find partners in other organisations.