January is One Health Awareness Month

OneHealth Awareness Month Emerging Zoonoses banner

January is One Health Awareness Month. This campaign provides an opportunity to discuss critical One Health issues with a wider audience.

Q. What are emerging zoonoses?
A. Emerging zoonoses are infectious agents transmitted between animals and people causing diseases that are newly appearing in a population.
Examples include SARS-CoV2, West Nile Virus & Nipah Virus.

Q. How does the One Health approach help?
A. Globalisation and international travel facilitate the rapid spread of emerging infectious agents worldwide. Rapid detection and response to an emerging disease are vital. The One Health approach should be used to improve each country’s preparedness and response capability towards an emerging disease.
Coordination between public and animal health sectors, policy-makers and other organisations is required.

Q. What work is One Health EJP doing on emerging threats, such as Coronavirus?
A. COVRIN research project focuses on SARS-CoV2 surveillance and risk assessment at the animal-human interface. COVRIN will improve preparedness for future Coronavirus pandemics.

Find out more about COVRIN Project here



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