Learn about TELE-Vir Project tools

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Learn about TELE-Vir project tools

Q. Are you interested in emerging virus threats?
Q. Are you involved in viral disease surveillance?
Q. Do you need access to advanced virus detection methods?

The TELE-Vir project has developed a point of incidence toolbox including:
(i) A protocol for metagenomic virus detection in the field. It contributes to the identification of known RNA and DNA viruses and emerging virus threats.
(ii) The INSaFLU-TELEVIR platform for metagenomics virus detection and routine genomic surveillance. It is a free, user-oriented, bioinformatics web-based suite.
These project outputs will assist in outbreak preparedness activities across the globe.

This project was led by Statens Serum Institut, Denmark.

You can find out more information about TELE-Vir project outputs and their applications.



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