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Q. What are foodborne disease outbreaks?
A. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), a foodborne disease outbreak is “an incident during which at least two people contract the same illness from the same contaminated food or drink”. The most frequent causative agents in the European Union are bacteria, bacterial toxins, viruses, and parasites.

Q. What are foodborne disease outbreaks caused by toxigenic bacteria?
A. These occur when people are exposed to unsafe levels of contaminants from bacteria eaten in food products, causing illnesses.

Q. How is the One Health EJP research involved in this issue?
A. The TOX-Detect project developed and harmonised detection methods for toxins produced by toxigenic bacteria. Learn more about TOX-Detect by reading their project impact brochure. You can access it here.

The One Health EJP members of TOX-Detect were from the following institutes: ANSES (France), Sciensano (Belgium), Norwegian Veterinary Institute (Norway) INRAe (France), Institut Pasteur (France) and BfR (Germany).



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