Public Deliverables

Work Package 1- Coordination

D1.1- Website, social media accounts and templates

D1.2- Summary progress report of the first year

D1.3- Annual work plan for the second year

D1.4- Annual report on the internal and external newsletter produced during the first year

D1.5- Complete version of annual report for stakeholders number 1

D1.6- Summary progress report year 2

D1.7- Annual work plan for the third year

Work Package 2- Integrative Strategic Research Agenda

D2.1- Provisional strategic research agenda

D2.2- Report on the procedure for updating of priority topics

D2.3- Report on the identification of relevant EU projects and initiatives and the procedure to identify potential strategic interactions

D2.4-Report on potential strategic interactions with EU projects and initiatives

D2.5- Report on the experts meeting

D2.6- Updated list and descriptions of priority research and integrative topics

D2.10- Summary version of the updated Strategic Research Agenda

Work Package 3- Joint Research Projects (JRPs)

D3.1- Guidelines for project coordinators to report (JRP&JIP)

D3.2- Protocol for Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) organisation

D3.3- Updated guidelines for Submission and selection of project proposals (JRP&JIP)

D3.4- Report on the recently started projects, 1st call

D3.5- Guidelines for WP3/WP4 to monitor projects (at start, periodic and end-term evaluations)

D3.6- Updated guidelines for Evaluation of proposal + Selection of projects (JRP&JIP)

D3.8- Abstract book for 1st Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)

D3.9- Guidelines for WP3/WP4 on the evaluation of final reports

Work Package 4- Joint Integrative Projects (JIPs)

D4.1- Instructions for monitoring of and reporting on JIPs, excl final reporting

D4.2- Report from supportive start-up meeting, 1st round

D4.3- 1st cogwheel workshop report with COMPARE

D4.4- Data management plan

D4.5- Guidelines for submission and selection of proposals for STIMs and IMs

D4.6- Report from 2nd cogwheel workshop

D4.7- Guidelines for DMP implementation

D4.8- Report from thematic meeting

D4.9- Open data access point on the website

D4.11- Report from 3rd cogwheel workshop

D4.12- Instructions for final reporting of JIPs

Work Package 5- Science to Policy Translation

D5.1- Report on the stakeholders contact list and the communication procedure established with stakeholders

D5.2-Report on the procedure to identify research needs of international stakeholders

D5.3- Provisional report on the identified research needs of international stakeholders for the integration into the strategic research agenda

D5.4- Report on a capacity map and indicators developed

D5.5- Report on the dissemination strategy developed

D5.6- First annual report on dissemination activities to international stakeholders

Work Package 6- Education and Training

Work Package 7- Sustainability



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