End Symposium: OHEJP COHESIVE project


8th-10th November 2021


Hybrid meeting: virtual & live in Bilthoven, The Netherlands

What was the aim of the End Symposium?

The final symposium of COHESIVE, an integrative project of OHEJP was held on 8-10th November 2021

COHESIVE stands for One Health Structures in Europe and the project aims were to strengthen/improve (structured) collaboration between the human, veterinary, food and environmental domain in the area of signalling, risk assessment and control of (emerging) zoonoses in and between European Member States including IT solutions to share information in databases and support tracing of (foodborne) outbreaks.

The COHESIVE symposium shared the results of the project by giving presentations and interactive workshops to give more insight in the applications of the COHESIVE tools.



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