OHEJP SimEx 2022 Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for SimEx: Updated May 22



Scenario Q1: What does ‘Direction PH’ mean? Will the LEL give this information only to the PH sector or to all the audience?

Everyone will be sitting in the same room and every sector should be involved in the discussion. The Exercise Direction is following a real-life situation and usually PH is the first sector to hear about an outbreak.

Scenario Q2: Will traveling be a topic in the inject 1.3?

No, we provide the regional cases, but we are not focusing on traveling within the country or abroad.


FoodChain Lab:

FCL Q1: Do we need to install the program in advance?

No, during the exercise you will use the web app and the credentials has been provided by email.

FCL Q2: Is everything lost when you exit the program?

You have a dataset that you load to the web app with the possibility to download and save it.  But the dataset on the web app will be lost when you close it. For the SimEx it is not a problem since it is an easy scenario, and the steps are easy to repeat. You will also get a warning if you are about to close the web app.

FCL Q3: Will we be provided credentials for the Web app before the exercise?

During the SimEx you will use the test account with provided credentials, but you can of course also create your own user account.

FCL Q4: Do we need to show the tool to the training audience before the exercise in case they are not familiar with it?

No, the instructions are very detailed and easy to follow. We have tried it on persons without previous experience with FCL and they used it without issues.



Conduction Q1: Is it possible to organize the exercise virtually if due to covid restrictions the sectors cannot travel and meet at the same location?

Yes, of course, it is possible, but an important part of the exercise is communication and getting to know each other, so we encourage you to meet if at all possible. Remember to also add time for the participants to have small talks in between the sessions, even if it is digital.

Conduction Q2: Can we use this exercise as an update to previous exercises?

Each country can adapt the scenario to fit its needs and in addition, you can set your own national objectives. If that means you bring the lessons learned from a previous session to this exercise you are free to do it.

Conduction Q3: Will we get help to develop the final survey?

The SimEx Team will provide a digital survey on a platform written in English. Please can the responses be sent back in English so that we can use them in the final report.

Conduction Q4: Is there a hot debrief after each part?

Yes, there is a short hot debrief after each part of the scenario.

Conduction Q5: Can the objectives be given to the training audience in advance?

Yes, you can send them beforehand or present them on the first morning and repeat the objectives at the beginning of each part of the scenario

Conduction Q6: If an institute represents two or more sectors (for instance Animal Health, Food Safety) can they write a common report or does each sector need to write its own?

Yes, if an institute represents more than one sector you can write a common report if you wish, or keep the reports separate, you can decide. The most important thing is that it reflects the institute’s situation.

Conduction Q7: What is the maximum number of participants in the training audience?

At least two persons per sector but it depends on the organization of the country. If you are more than 10 people, you might need to consider sitting in two groups.

Conduction Q8: How do we select the training audience?

In the document “General Information” we have suggested some relevant competencies. We suggest reading the scenario and choosing who would normally make the decisions and being able to answer the questions.

Conduction Q9: Can we have only one evaluator for all sectors?

It depends on the institute and how well the evaluator knows the different sectors. We suggest and encourage an evaluator for each sector as the evaluator needs to be focused throughout the conduction so it can be exhaustive for a single person focussing on several sectors at once.

Our advice is 1 evaluator per sector, regardless of the number of Institutes represented.



Funding Q1: When will we hear about the co-funding confirmation for the NEL/LELs?

We are waiting to hear the decision from the OHEJP Scientific Steering Board, as soon as we have an  answer we will email you.

Funding Q2: Can we transfer unused money from the workshop to the conduction?

No, unfortunately we cannot do this as they are separate pots of money and any unused workshop money (100% funded) will be taken back and used to cover overspend elsewhere.

Funding Q3: Can we transfer co-funded money planned for LEL/NEL time to cover travel and subsistance?

Yes, if the co-funded money is agreed (see Q1), then it can be used to cover travel and subsistance if needed. But please ensure you are following your institute’s regular policy for conferences/representation. The EU can reject reimbursement claims for overpriced hotels etc



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