OHEJP SimEx 2022 Frequently Asked Questions


Scenario Q1: Can the focus of the scenario be given in terms of whether veterinary, public health or food safety would be more suitable as the NEL?
The NEL is an exercise lead rather than the actual person who might coordinate Institutes in a real scenario, therefore the role can be from any Institute. The role and responsibilities for the NEL can be found on the website and training on the role will be given in March.

Scenario Q2: Can we confirm our countries agreed date now, so that we can ensure the relevant people are available and have the dates saved?
Yes, you can send through dates to us at simex@sva.se at any time.

Scenario Q3: My Institute is not drectly involved in National disease responses, can we still take part in the excercise
Your Institute does not have to be directly involved in national disease responses in order to take part, although it will be more relevant if it is. We suggest you may wish to buddy up with a Institute that is directly involved to provide assistance/personnel etc. In this way your LEL can attend the workshop and help organise the SimEx alongside the other LELs and the NEL in your country.



Roles Q1: Can the role of LEL be split across more than one person?
Yes, the role can be split, but only one person can attend the workshop, and the combined person months claimed cannot exceed 2 months.

Roles Q2: If my Institute is taking the NEL role responsibility, should this be the same person who is the LEL at the Institute or a different person?
Yes, the role of NEL is expected to be fulfilled by one of the LELs from that country. It is possible that the roles are split between two or more people (see Roles Q1), but only 1 person per institute has funding to attend the workshop and in total only 2 person months can be claimed for the LEL role and a further 2 months claimed for the NEL role on a 44/56 basis.

Roles Q3: Do the positions of LEL and NEL need to be hired specifically; or can it be someone already employed at the Institutes and the money paid would be to co-finance that person’s salary?
No, you do not need to hire LEL and NEL post specifically, we envisaged they would be someone already employed in the Insitute. All EJP partner Institutes already have 2 month funding for LEL and an extra 2-month funding for the NEL on a 44/56 basis. 

Roles Q4: I am member of Exercise Steering Board, does that exclude me from being LEL or NEL?
It is preferrable that the LEL and NEL are not members of the Steering Board, but it isn’t necessary, so if it is best for your Institute/country for you to be one or both or these roles that is OK.

Roles Q5: Should we find a Local Exercise Evaluator for each participating institute? Internal from that institute?
Yes each participating institute will need a local evaluator and we would expect them to be internal from that institute, but its not essential. The role is not funded by the project.



Funding Q1: My Institute is not a member of the OHEJP consortium. We have been invited to join the SimEx task via a partner who is a member. What funding are we eligible for?
As your institute is not part of the OHEJP consortium, unfortunately you are not eligible for funding to participate in the exercise. Your participation is sincerely valued as we recognise the benefits of engaging with all relevant sectors for this exercise and we hope you will benefit from taking part. For this reason, we would suggest that the NEL role would be allocated within an Institute that is part of the OHEJP to secure that funding for the country.

Funding Q2: My Institute is a partner in the OHEJP consortium. What aspects of our participation in the SimEx is covered by the OHEJP funding?
The funding provides one LEL per institute and one NEL per country 44/56 basis to complete their duties. No other roles/personnel have funding. The NEL is expected to be one of the LELs. In addition, it provides travel and subsistance for the LELs to attend a workshop in March 2022. All other activities and personnel salaries to complete the exercise will need to be funded by the Institute.

 Funding Q3: Is the Local Evaluator role funded by the project?
No, there is no budget allocated for the Local Evaluator role.



Workshop Q1: My Institute is representing more than sector in the exercise. Can we send a person for each sector that we represent, to the workshop?
Yes, each Institute has been allocated a Travel and Subsistance budget for 1 person to attend the workshop, but we recognise a few Institutes represent more than one sector. For these small number of Institutes, a person can attend the workshop for each sector the Institute represents. We kindly request that the persons attending have the relevant expertise to represent each sector.

Workshop Q2: Is the funding for Travel and Subsistence for the workshop allocated at 100% or co-funded at 44/56 like the LEL/NEL budget.
The T&S will be available at 100%. More information for this will be sent in the new year.