One Health EJP Dissemination Workshop: Improving One Health Preparedness to (re)emerging infectious threats


25th March 2022




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With the aim of disseminating its scientific outcomes to policy makers, the One Health EJP is organising a series of Dissemination Workshops which focus on the applicability of the produced solutions, and how they can benefit the prevention, detection, and response to zoonotic pathogens, that that can be transmitted between animals and humans.

What is the aim of the Dissemination Workshop on Improving One Health Preparedness to (re)emerging infectious threats?

Considering the origin of many (re)emerging threats at the human-animal-environment-interface, preparedness strategies and structures need to consider a multidisciplinary One Health approach and be timely in place. In their Tripartite Zoonoses Guide, FAO, OIE and WHO define preparedness as “A process used in advance of a potential zoonotic disease event to ensure that capacity and resources will be available to respond”.

During this workshop, researchers of the One Health EJP will depict how their novel tools and outcomes are, or can be, practically used in the field, what benefit they bring, and what is their potential impact.

The workshop will showcase, for example, tools and strategies for signal sharing, outbreak analysis, and capacity mapping to strengthen One Health preparedness, considering a number of aspects like Antimicrobial Resistance and new, emerging strains of pathogens.

We will also discuss needs and potential solutions that will contribute to further development of One Health Preparedness, from the policy as well as from the scientists’ perspectives.

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