Joint PMC POC Meeting – 21 & 22 November, 2022


21-22 November 2022


In person in Stockholm (preferred) and online


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Meeting information

The purpose of the joint meeting it to reinforce the collaborative tasks of Programme Managers Committee – Governing Board of the One Health EJP (PMC) and Programme Owners Committee – Line Ministries which co-finance the Action (POC) in building a long-term perspective of the One Health EJP.

The final phase of the One Health EJP focuses on the dissemination and legacy activities of the consortium to publicise the outcomes of the research and integrative efforts, and to facilitate their uptake by other researchers, diagnostic and reference laboratories, risk assessors, risk managers and policy makers. As such, the deliverables of the One Health EJP will be sustained and the One Health EJP will have gained impact at national, European and international levels.

This meeting is strategic in the process of disseminating One Health EJP outcomes and to leave a valuable legacy. To this end, the One Health EJP Project Management Team (PMT) invite high-level scientific representatives of ECDC, EFSA, EEA, EMA and possibly other EU/International stakeholders such as EC DGs Representatives, WHO-EU, FAO and OIE Representatives, to discuss potential common dissemination efforts, uptake of interesting outcomes or continuing certain cross-sector activities.

The joint PMC-POC meeting is planned over two half days. On the first day the PMC will meet in order to be acquainted with the progress of the One Health EJP, as well as the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and an introduction to the dissemination and legacy process. On the second day, invited POC and stakeholders will be able to join the PMC: the focus will be on specific integrative outcomes of the One Health EJP, and feedback from the OHEJP SimEx run over spring/summer 2022. A discussion with stakeholders on possible uptake of outcomes and their expected impact, and possible connections with other initiatives, is also planned. The social dinner at the evening of the first day, will tighten the bonds between One Health EJP board members, the stakeholders (POC members and EU stakeholders) and the PMT members.


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