The Doctoral Programme


Key Announcements

The One Health EJP has funded a total of 17 PhD projects, with all to be completed in 2023.

What is the One Health EJP Doctoral Programme?

One of the major Education and Training activities of the One Health EJP is the Doctoral Programme. This programme has funded 17 PhD projects from two funding calls. The One Health EJP reinforces One Health collaborations between institutes by enhancing transdisciplinary cooperation and integration of activities, as delivered by our Doctoral Programme.

Our Doctoral Programme is unique in that it:

  • Provides interdisciplinary (med-vet-environment) training for the next generation of One Health researchers in Europe contributing to the sustainability of the One Health approach.
  • Allows flexibility in the PhD projects to ensure innovative hypothesis driven research.
  • Maximises international and interdisciplinary networking among One Health EJP partners in addition to the interaction with the Joint Integrative Projects (JIPs) and Joint Research Projects (JRPs)
  • Provides opportunities to explore and share skills, expertise and knowledge from the One Health EJP consortium, therefore accelerating both the rate and quality of research.
  • Builds a sustainable cohort with organised events throughout the One Health EJP.

The One Health EJP PhD Projects

Foodborne Zoonoses Projects

OHEJP ENVDIS project logo
OHEJP APTATRICH project logo
OHEJP ToxSauQMRA project logo
OHEJP Mace project logo
OHEJP Trace project logo

Antimicrobial Resistance Projects

OHEJP LIN-RES project logo
OHEJP ECO-HEN project logo
OHEJP VIMOGUT project logo
OHEJP WILBR Project logo
OHEJP HME-AMR Project logo
OHEJP UDOFRIC Project logo
OHEJP METAPRO project logo
OHEJP Kentucky project logo
OHEJP Codes4strains project logo

Emerging Threats Projects

OHEJP Pembo project logo
OHEJP Desire project logo

Sustainability Projects

OHEJP Sustain project logo



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