CPD 2022


2nd – 4th November 2022


Statens Serum Institut and DTU Food, Copenhagen and online

What is the aim of this CPD Module?

The module will bring together trainers and trainees with experiences from different domains and will encourage to seek new synergies and collaborations.

A number of teaching and learning methods will be combined in the module, both on-site and online, including hands-on exercises in the laboratory and at the desk as well as participatory approaches, such as brainstorming and focus group discussions.

The module will draw from the experiences and new scientific knowledge from three One Health EJP Joint Integrative Projects: OH-Harmony-CAP, MATRIX and CARE. Relevant experts from the three projects as well as the larger One Health domain, spanning the human health, animal health and food safety sectors, will contribute to the high scientific quality of the training

CPD Module Agenda:

Day 1: In a joint session with participants online and onsite, there will be lectures and focus group sessions describing real life experiences and case scenarios of foodborne and zoonotic outbreaks. Examples from the Danish context will be presented.

Day 2: On-site participants will split into laboratory and field epidemiology hands-on activities. Within both the laboratory and epidemiological levels, participants will conduct an exercise where they will face the challenge of outbreak management without harmonized methods across sectors. Then, they will propose an ideal scenario for future collaboration, with a focus on harmonised diagnostic tests. Online participants will receive specific questions to work on remotely regarding a foodborne and/or zoonotic outbreak scenario.

Day 3: On-site participants will return the experience of the practical exercise to the full audience. The questions that the online participants worked on will complement the solutions to the proposed challenges. Together, the online and onsite participants will compile a list of lessons learned and conclusions.

The CPD Workshop is jointly organised by Statens Serum Institut and DTU-Food.

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Am I Eligible?

One Health EJP consortium members with interest in the microbiological and epidemiological aspects of laboratory diagnostics.
PhD Candidates & Early Career Researchers are welcome to apply.

There will be allocation for 20 onsite participants, including both microbiologists and epidemiologists, and up to 100 online participants.

How do I apply?

Registration now open.



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