Data Management

The Horizon 2020 Online Manual defines the function of the Data Management Plan (DMP) as follows: “A DMP describes the data management life cycle for the data to be collected, processed and/or generated by a Horizon 2020 project”.

The One Health EJP has an overarching DMP, and each One Health EJP project has a project-specific DMP.

The final DMPs were published by the end of each One Health EJP project.

Data Management Plans for One Health EJP Projects

IMPART project logo
RADAR project logo
LISTADAPT project logo
MOMIR-PPC project logo
OHEJP Adonis project logo
OHEJP Toxosources project logo
ohejp tele vir
ohejp fed amr
Work Package 4 Joint Integrative Projects icon that is of a jigsaw puzzle slotted together with text around it
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OHEJP Overarching Data Management Plan

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METASTAVA project logo
OHEJP Worldcom project logo
OHEJP beone project logo
OHEJP Paradise project
ohejp farmed project logo
ohejp idembru
AIR-Sample project logo
OHEJP Biopigee project logo
OHEJP Care project logo
Discover project logo
OHEJP Full-Force project logo



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