BeOne: Building Integrative Tools for One Health Surveillance

Start: 1 January 2020
Duration: 2.5 Years
Domain: Foodborne Zoonoses
Key Words: Surveillance, WGS data, Visualisation, Sharing, OH Food Safety
Contact: Kristoffer Kiil (SSI)

The Project #BeOne

BeONE will develop an integrated surveillance dashboard in which molecular and epidemiological data for foodborne pathogens can be interactively analysed, visualised and interpreted by the relevant experts across disciplines and sectors.

Surveillance of foodborne infections and outbreak detection/investigation is primarily handled at the national or regional level with several institutions/parties spanning different sectors and disciplines. The continuous increase in the complexity of data to be analysed and integrated, e.g. epidemiological and genomic data, as well as the need for international cooperation in solving multiple-country outbreaks enhances the needs for informatics tools that can allow integration of the various types of data and facilitate their visualisation and interpretation.

Building on previous experiences and existing components, a tool tailored specifically to institutions in the public health/animal health/food safety sectors will be created. The use of dynamic similarity thresholds for different epidemiological situations and investigate cluster congruence between different genome sequence-based typing approaches will be introduced. The developed dashboard will aim at meeting the needs of the national institutions for communication with the EU-wide systems, e.g. TESSy and the future ECDC/EFSA joint database of genomic data.

The project will bring us beyond the state of the art by developing a tailored surveillance system, facilitating consistent definition of outbreaks across domains and countries by the use of new algorithms based on integrated genomic and epidemiological data, as well as facilitating communication and flexible data sharing.

With input from a broad range of partners and experts, the development in the project will mainly be performed by partners with experience in using molecular epidemiology, WGS and bioinformatics in the surveillance. The project aims to fulfil the needs of partners at all levels of experience and it is the goal that the project can assist a smooth and efficient transition to a WGS-based and integrated surveillance across Europe.


Dahl, L.G., Joensen, K.G., Østerlund, M.T., Kiil, K., Møller Nielsen, E.  (2021). Prediction of antimicrobial resistance in clinical Campylobacter jejuni isolates from whole-genome sequencing data. European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. 40673–682.


OpenAIRE Publications

Project Events 

BeOne Kick-off Meeting- 16th January 2020

One Health EJP Project Kick- Off Meeting- 13th November 2019, Berlin, Germany



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