Key Announcements

The Scientific Steering board (SSB) will be meeting in September to select the next round of projects that will start next year!

Joint Research Projects (JRPs) and Joint Integrative Projects (JIPs)

The ambition of the One Health EJP is to align European countries through a joint priority setting in the domains of foodborne zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance and emerging threats, and  joint programming of research agendas.

The OHEJP approach is to set up a common strategic research agenda among the partners, taking into account the initiatives taken by our stakeholders EFSA, ECDC, JPI AMR, EU-JAMRAI,  COMPARE and EFFORT.

Moreover, through the existing links with the Programme Owners (national or regional authorities and policy makers) national interests are also taken account of in the OHEJP strategy.

There is considerable opportunity for harmonisation of approaches, methodologies, databases and procedures for the assessment and management of foodborne hazards, emerging threats and AMR across Europe, which will improve the quality and compatibility of information for decision making. One such way to achieve this through using Open Access data repositories:

The Joint Research and Integrative Projects (JRP and JIP) are good instruments to make partner organisations work together and align their approaches. This will result in:

  • an increased knowledge of host-microbe interactions;
  • improved epidemiological studies and risk assessments;
  • providing risk managers with the best options for intervention measures.

There are currently 11 JRPs AND 2 JIPs in progress



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