Short Term Missions 2022

One Health EJP Short Term Missions Awarded for 2022

Surveillance and source-attribution of AMR based on metagenomic analysis

stm ana cristina ferreira

Validation and exchange of modelling tools to assess the risk of human salmonellosis based on environmental factors using multiple sources of data

Application of spatial models to identify new environmental surveillance indicators on Salmonella and Campylobacter in pig and poultry

Construction of double-labelled E. coli strains to study the effect of antibiotics and interventions on horizontal ESBL genes transfer in the chicken’s caecal microbiome.

Microbiological and molecular techniques for Brucella identification from strains

Awarded to: Mihail Milanov, Gergana Mateva, Albena Dimitrova Angelova

Institute: NDVRI, Bulgaria

Place to visit: ANSES, France

Duration: 6 days

One Health Thematic Area: One Health Missions- Veterinary, Food, Medical and or Environmental research, Skills development missions (e.g. genomics, bioinformatics, big data epidemiology), Harmonisation of diagnostic tests, platforms, research tools

Tolerance of biofilm forming bacteria to disinfectants after repeated disinfectant exposure

stm emma brook



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