The OHEJP Summer School

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Save the date for The One Health EJP Final School 2022! This online event will be hosted by the University of Surrey, UK, during the week of 5th December 2022.

What is the One Health EJP Summer School?

The One Health EJP Summer Schools are an important component of our Education and Training activities. They provide training opportunities for the next generation of scientists from across the globe. The Summer School events deliver knowledge, skills and competencies regarding efficient solutions to the multifaceted infectious disease global challenges to human, animal and environmental health through cross-disciplinary research, education and collaboration between the our partners and stakeholders. The Summer Schools focus on major One Health themes including zoonoses, emerging diseases, and antimicrobial resistance. These scientific goals and social interactions are important aspects of integration of the summer school.

Who is eligible to attend our Summer Schools?

The Summer Schools target bachelor’s students, masters students, PhD students and Early Career Researchers with veterinary, medical and biological sciences backgrounds. We also encourage participation from those with other backgrounds including social sciences, economics and public health.


2019 Testimonials 

“The One Health EJP Summer School has been an amazing experience. It has been a great opportunity to broaden my mind with critical thinking and learning how policy is implemented and how science contributes to One Health decisions. I’ve met some brilliant people from a wide range of backgrounds with experience and knowledge. I hope it will come in very useful in the future and in a career in One Health”

“Fun and enriching two weeks surrounded by multicultural students and professionals. It has been interesting to share experience and knowledge with people from different countries and with different backgrounds. Profitable and well-organised lessons and speeches given by professors and health workers”

“Great experience full of knowledge and meeting new people. All the workshops taken during the lecturers were phenomenal. It was indeed a great opportunity to connect with and meet new people coming from different backgrounds pertaining to One Health. We were able to learn about best practices and new opportunities from people who were actually utilising them”

“The OHEJP Summer School is an amazing opportunity to connect with outstanding professionals from the galaxy of One Health. Being a One Health MSc student for the last year, the OHEJP helped me reflect on topics like policy, decision making and most importantly the value of and evaluation of One Health. Thank you for this exceptional, organised and structured opportunity”

“The OHEJP Summer School provided me an opportunity to share and learn about the collaborative multidisciplinary One Health approach. It was an amazing experience knowing the perspective of different stakeholders on One Health operationalisation. I am looking forward to utilising this network and knowledge in my professional One Health project”

“This OHEJP Summer School was a wonderful experience. I am very grateful to have been selected and to be a part of this ‘One Health’ international family. I met fantastic people, friends and colleagues from all over the world. I learned many new concepts and I will carry these teachings in my heart, not only in the scientific context, but also in the human one. I wish everyone to participate and to have such a fantastic experience as this summer school”

2020 Testimonials



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