Workshop on Institutionalisation of One Health


 21 June 2023, 13:00- 17:30


In person at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels

What was the Workshop on Institutionalisation of One Health about?

The workshop was conducted as an interactive discussion among the One Health stakeholders who had registered to attend the One Health EJP conference – Collaborating to face future One Health challenges in Europe.

The aim of the workshop was to obtain feedback from the discussions and prepare a roadmap document on the institutionalisation of One Health. The document is intended to be an operational tool and a guidance for countries deciding to implement a system to pursue a more effective and comprehensive health protection in the broader sense, according to the principles laid down in the One Health approach.

The discussion developed using the following structure, according to critical concepts that need to be considered for the One Health approach to be implemented.

workshop on institutionalisation of oh

The workshop included three major discussion sessions:

  • One statement-driven discussion forum with five panellists from several EU member states, where a One Health scheme is in place to tackle health protection.
  • One session addressing the One Health EJP achievements that can represent operational components of the roadmap.
  • A general discussion with all the participants with the goal of identifying the ‘missing tiles’ to complete the picture of a complete One Health.

Who joined the Workshop?

This event brought together representatives of governmental institutions from the EU and third countries, EU agencies, and exponents of industry and citizens’ associations.


The workshop was held in Brussels at the Museum of Natural Sciences – Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

The Roadmap for the institutionalization of One Health report is now available.

join us workshop on institutionalisation with a photo of Brussels

Workshop Photos

Photo of auditorium venue for Workshop on institutionalisation of One Health with speaker Stefano Morabito giving the introduction.
Photo of auditorium venue for Workshop on institutionalisation of One Health with 3 speakers for panel discussion seated on the stage with the moderator and the slides behind them



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