Communication and Media Workshop

Key Announcements

We are pleased to announce that the 2020 Communication and Media workshop will be hosted by our partners the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency in Sofia, Bulgaria. More information will be available soon!


What is the Communication and Media (CaM) workshop?

Communication of science is one of the most challenging skills to acquire and yet is crucial to realising the impact of research.

A comprehensive communication workshop will be run in 2020. The workshop sessions will cover all media formats, including social media, and will be delivered by partner institutional media relations teams, and professional science journalists.

The main purpose of this workshop is to develop the communication skills of the young researchers in order to equip them to drive the research forward and generating maximum impact for their target audiences.

Who is the CaM workshop for?

The CaM workshop is targeted at Early Career Researchers (<5 years post PhD) from across the partner network and focused on pathways to impact. However, researchers with >5 years’ experience will also be considered if justified.

Key Dates, Location and Duration

The CaM workshop will be two days in length, and will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2020.  The venue, dates and programme details will be announced soon.



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