One Health Outcome Inventory update

One Health Outcome Inventory infogtaphic image of finger on a button

The Outcome section, which lists shareable outcomes of the OHEJP projects (tools, strain collections, computational methods etc), now has 117 entries, with descriptions and key contact information. The database and search function have been simplified, making keyword search easier.

The Updates section, which lists timely updates of the OHEJP projects, has 223 new entries taking the current total number of entries to over 1000. The Updates section holds latest updates only, whilst older updates can now be found in a new section of the One Health Outcome Inventory, the Archive.

The Archive is easily reachable through the Updates section (the link is in the description in the upper part of the page), and all files can be downloaded.

Like the rest of the One Health Outcome Inventory, the Archive is open access.



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