Read the latest scientific article by JIP OH-HARMONY-CAP published in Frontiers in Food Safety and Technology journal

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Q. Do you work in food safety?​

Q. Are you involved in microbiological testing of food samples for foodborne pathogens?​

Read the latest scientific article by OHEJP OH-HARMONY-CAP Project published in Frontiers in Food Safety and Technology journal.

This study provided insight into current practices of microbiological sampling and analyses performed in food business operators’ HACCP-based self-control programmes. Information was gathered from questionnaire results obtained from 35 laboratories in EU/EEA countries focused on six bacterial and five parasitic foodborne pathogens.​

​Some key findings included:​

1) Dairy products were analysed most frequently, and most laboratories analysed both ready-to-eat and non-ready-to-eat products.​

2) Laboratories analysing Salmonella spp. and Listeria monocytogenes processed most samples. ​

3) Around 60% of laboratories used multiple typing or characterisation methods.​

4) Whole Genome Sequencing and participation in External Quality Assessment programmes were variably used across labs.​ ​

This research showed that further efforts are needed for the harmonisation of analytical protocols and characterisation of foodborne pathogens.​

Congratulations to scientists at Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BfR), Statens Serum Institut (SSI) and the Biology Department of the Swedish Food Agency.​

Aybar Espinoza, M. S., Flink, C., Boisen, N., Scheutz, F. and Käsbohrer, A. (2023). Microbiological sampling and analyses in the food business operators’ HACCP based self-control programmes. Frontiers in Food Science and Technology. 3, 1110359. ​

Read this research article here​. Find out more about JIP OH-HARMONY-CAP on our website.



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