Short Term Missions (STMs)

Key Announcements

Applications for the 2022 Short Term Mission are now open! Please visit the Education and Training Call page for more information.

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What are Short Term Missions?

Short Term Missions (STMs) are small travel grants with the aim of sharing scientific expertise, methodologies, equipment and facilities to harmonise the existing approaches and methodologies within the large OHEJP network, and to drive the research forward in a collaborative and non-duplicative fashion to strengthen both the scientific capacity within the OHEJP and also future prevention, preparedness, detection and response of the EU to foodborne and other emerging threats across human-animal-environmental sectors. The OHEJP aims to fund 10 STMs every year of the Programme, with the first set commencing in 2019.


  • This is an internal call. Open to all staff working in any of the member institutes of the OHEJP
  • PhD students should either be registered through their institute or be based at a member institute.
  • Only scientific staff from, and PhD students based at, the partner institutes of the OHEJP are eligible to apply.


  • STMS can take place at any external institute to that of the applicant.
  • STMs implemented in one of the OHEJP member institutes will have priority over other application for STMs outside the OHEJP
  • However, applications that propose to bring in scientific tools or expertise in key areas beyond those available at OHEJP institutes will also be welcomed.

How to apply

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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