Celebrating the success of the Dissemination Webinar on New Tools for Detection and Surveillance

Screenshot group photo of 6 people who were speakers and organisers at the Dissemination Webinar

Thanks to our four speakers for their fantastic presentations today at the One Health EJP Dissemination Webinar: New Tools for Detection & Surveillance.

They included:
Dr. Gro Johannessen from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute.
Dr. Christen Rune Stensvold from Statens Serum Institut.
Dr. Anja Richter from Robert Koch Institute.
Dr. Marwa Hassan from the University of Surrey.

They provided practical information about the One Health tools produced by OHEJP Joint Research Projects for detection and surveillance activities. Their presentations were focused on the following four projects and the associated tools:

AIR-SAMPLE – A low-cost screening tool in biosecured broiler production.

PARADISE – Metabarcoding for the detection of single-celled parasites in human faeces.

BIOPIGEE – A standardised protocol for disinfectant efficacy on biofilms against Salmonella Typhimurium biofilms.

WORLDCOM – Rapid culture-independent LAMP detection of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) markers for environmental water samples.

The insightful questions from attendees made this a highly engaging event, which was skilfully chaired by Prof. Roberto La Ragione.

Thanks to the OHEJP Education and Training (WP6) team at the University of Surrey for organising this impactful webinar delivered to over 60 international attendees.
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