CPD Module 2020

The coronavirus pandemic led to this event being re-organised as an online event, hosted on 16th-17th October 2020.

The theme of the module was ‘Outbreak Preparedness’ – a very timely topic. We all know that outbreaks or events involving new or re-emerging zoonoses can occur anytime and everywhere. The One Health concept recognises that human health is tightly connected to the health of animals and the environment. Therefore, strengthening the human-veterinary collaboration is essential to prevent, detect and respond to zoonotic threats. Yet, implementation and operationalisation of the One Health concept often remains a challenge. In addition, countries differ across Europe (and worldwide) and thus the approaches to One Health issues do also.

The exchange of best practices and experiences of One Health approaches was a central aspect of this module, providing a learning platform aimed at knowledge integration and strengthening of One Health collaboration across Europe

The module delivered a platform to share experiences and lessons learned from past outbreaks, provided an understanding of the Dutch zoonoses response structure, as an example of a One Health approach in prevention and response, provided an insight into relevant aspects of risk perception and communication to professionals and the public, and delivered an interactive experience in risk assessment and response to a zoonotic disease.

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