Congratulations to PhD student Mélanie Hennart!

Mélanie Hennart publication banner

Congratulations to One Health EJP PhD student Mélanie Hennart for her publication in Molecular Biology and Evolution!

Mélanie works on PhD project Codes4strains based at Institut Pasteur in France. Her research investigates the genetic epidemiology of bacterial pathogens using genomics techniques. Her published article “A Dual Barcoding Approach to Bacterial Strain Nomenclature: Genomic Taxonomy of Klebsiella pneumoniae Strains” described a study that devised a dual barcoding system for the genomic taxonomy of this bacteria, which is a rapidly growing public health threat. This research is broadly applicable and should contribute to benefit collaborative knowledge across health sectors on the emergence and microevolution of bacterial pathogens.

Thanks to all co-authors for their contributions to this publication.

We celebrate another fantastic research achievement from our One Health doctoral scientists!

Read this research article here.

Learn more about Codes4strains project on our website.



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