Learn about DiSCoVeR project outputs

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Learn about DiSCoVeR project outputs

  • ​Do you work on foodborne zoonoses or antimicrobial resistance (AMR)?
  • Do you use source attribution methods and models?

Learn about OHEJP DiSCoVeR project outputs for attributing human foodborne infections (Salmonella, Campylobacter & STEC) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to animal, food and environment sources.

This collaborative project across 13 European countries has:

  1. Provided a systematic assessment of existing source attribution models.
  2. Developed new phenotypic and genomic-based attribution models for pathogen and antimicrobial resistance.
  3. Provided recommendations on translating results from source attribution models into actions.
  4. Evaluated current surveillance and control activities in a One Health context to make recommendations for improvement.

The project recommendations will benefit a wide variety of risk managers/decision-makers working in public health, veterinary, environment, food and agriculture organisations.

Find out more information on OHEJP DiSCoVeR project here.

Project led by DTU – Technical University of Denmark.



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