Our latest Project Impact Brochure for MATRIX is now available online

OHEJP Matrix Project Impact Brochure

Our latest Project Impact Brochure for MATRIX is now available on our website.

If you are interested in disease surveillance using a One Health approach, please see the brochure to learn about JIP MATRIX project outputs and outcomes. This integrative project created solutions for European countries to support and advance the implementation of One Health surveillance.

The key outputs of the OHEJP MATRIX project are all available online and include:

  • Interactive tools, dashboards, roadmap, guidelines and checklist for One Health surveillance implementation.
  • A frame of solutions and hazards.

MATRIX invites European institutes working in the animal health, public health and food safety sectors to consider the opportunity to adopt these solutions and to further build upon them.

Embracing a One Health approach means sharing a mutual responsibility with other sectors in the health arena. All relevant sectors can collaborate and be actively involved in detecting, assessing, and responding to a zoonotic threat. However, collaborations are not always easy.

Read the MATRIX project brochure to learn more about the MATRIX Solutions for One Health Surveillance and how you can use them in your work. See the MATRIX project webpage and access the brochure here.



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