New paper by MEmE Project on Neglected Tropical Diseases is published in Parasitology journal

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What are Italy’s most relevant parasitic Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)?​

How can the establishment of the Italian network for NTDs (IN- NTD) help? ​

Learn more by reading the recent scientific article from OHEJP JRP MEmE published in Parasitology journal.​ ​

Neglected tropical diseases are a diverse group of primarily infectious diseases which disproportionately affect poor and marginalised populations/communities worldwide. NTDs are mainly present in low-income countries (tropical and sub-tropical areas) but also occur in upper–middle–income countries, including several in Europe.​ ​

This publication describes the discussions from the symposium held by the ‘Italian Society of Parasitology’ in June 2022 (Naples), which focused on:​

1) Reviewing the epidemiology of NTDs in Italy, particularly for parasitic infections (both endemic and imported), such as leishmaniasis, cystic and alveolar echinococcosis.​

2) Presenting the ‘Italian network on NTDs’ (IN-NTD), a newly established coalition of institutions dedicated to fighting NTDs.​

Congratulations to all co-authors, with research led by Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), Rome.

Casulli, A., Antinori, S., Bartoloni, A., D’Amelio, S., Gabrielli, A. F., Gazzoli, G., Rinaldi, L., Bruschi, F., & IN-NTD network (2023). Neglected Tropical Diseases in Italy: introducing IN-NTD, the Italian network for NTDs. Parasitology. 1–7. Advance online publication.

Read this research article here. ​Learn more about JRP MEmE.



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