Learn about FARMED project tools for detecting antimicrobial resistance in pathogens

Farmed project tools banner which describes their project outputs and has a microscope image of bacteria

Q. Do you work in human or animal health sectors on laboratory diagnostics?​

Q. Are you interested in metagenomics sequencing for detecting antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in pathogens?​

One Health EJP FARMED Project successfully tested and showed that long-read metagenomics using the Oxford Nanopore technology MinION system for pathogen and AMR detection is feasible. ​This project was led by the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

Some FARMED project outputs and outcomes include:​

  • Creation of harmonised protocols for on-site metagenomic DNA extraction and sequencing library preparation on the MinION technology.
  • Development of efficient mapping strategies that can identify the origin of the genetic context of AMR genes and identify the host bacterial species to enable specific pathogen detection.​

The methodologies and tools developed by FARMED are highly applicable to a wide range of users to rapidly monitor AMR present in pathogens in many different environments.​

For more information about these project outputs and their applications, see the FARMED webpage.​




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