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Read the latest Project Impact Brochure for Joint Research Project LISTADAPT! ​ Now available on our website.

What is the LISTADAPT Project? ​

This project involved the collaboration of 7 research partners across Europe: Anses – Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire (France), AGES (Austria), DTU – Technical University of Denmark, INRAE (France), NIPH – Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norwegian Veterinary Institute and IZSAM – Public Health Institute of Abruzzo and Molise Regions (Italy). ​

They worked together to improve understanding of Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) – a foodborne zoonotic bacteria.​ Scientists at these institutes compared the genetic background of Lm strains found in animals and the environment with those found in food across Europe, to better understand the transmission routes to humans.

The project produced a dataset to investigate the behaviour and evolution of Lm strains.​ Their research has contributed to assessing the true importance of the environmental and animal Lm strains as sources of foodborne infections, relevant for public health. This information is important for developing effective monitoring plans across different sources.

Find more information in the LISTADAPT project brochure



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