Read the latest publication by OHEJP SimEx in Frontiers of Public Health

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Read the latest publication by OHEJP SimEx in Frontiers of Public Health.

Learn how OHEJP SimEx conducted a multi-country One Health (OH) foodborne outbreak simulation exercise across 11 countries in 2022.​

OHEJP SimEx successfully delivered the different stages of a Salmonella outbreak investigation at a national level. The human food chain and the raw pet feed industry were involved in this zoonotic outbreak scenario. OHEJP SimEx facilitated cross-sector collaboration and cooperation between the public health, animal health and food safety sectors during the outbreak exercise.​

OHEJP SimEx achieved its objectives to:​

1) Provide the opportunity to share experiences and perspectives across sectors. ​
2) Evidence the added value of applying a OH approach to a foodborne disease outbreak. ​
3) Introduce participants to test a food tracing software tool: The FoodChain-Lab (FCL).​
4) Develop recommendations to assist in defining a national roadmap for future zoonotic outbreaks.​

These outcomes will assist policy makers in implementing a harmonised approach to cross-sector health-related topics relevant to outbreak preparedness.​

Congratulations to all co-authors:​
Alves, F., Artursson, K., Bloch, J., Brisabois, A., Imberechts, H., Jokelainen, P., La Ragione, R., Lindblad, M., Litzell Forss, R., Marston, D. A., Parvizi, O., Tuominen, L. & Omazic, A. (2023). A multi-country One Health foodborne outbreak simulation exercise: cross-sectoral cooperation, data sharing and communication. Frontiers in Public Health. 11, 1121522. ​

Please access this research article here. You can learn more about OHEJP SimEx on our website.​



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