Diagnostics workshop: mobile detection platforms for One Health diagnostics applications

ASM Satellite workshop 2022: “Diagnostics workshop: mobile detection platforms for One Health diagnostics applications”

Thank you to the organising team from the University of Surrey and University of Galway for organising an innovative and interactive online programme for the ASM Satellite Workshop 2022. Following on from the ASM 2022 in Orvieto, the Satellite Workshop “Diagnostics workshop: mobile detection platforms for One Health diagnostics applications” took place online on 14th April 2022. 

The workshop focused on innovative rapid diagnostic technologies and mobile detection platforms for One Health applications. The main objectives were to:  

  • discuss factors influencing the design of One Health diagnostics assays 
  • reflect on current standard diagnostics in public and animal health  
  • showcase the application, advantages, and challenges of two key mobile diagnostics techniques: loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) and loop-primer endonuclease cleavage LAMP (LEC-LAMP). LAMP is a rapid, sensitive, and specific nucleic acid amplification technology and LEC-LAMP is a recently developed modification of LAMP that enables multiplex real-time pathogen detection with single-base specificity for point-mutation detection. 

The online workshop was split into two sessions. In the morning session, seven expert speakers from the University of Surrey and the University of Galway discussed the design, implementation, and applications of rapid molecular diagnostics for the detection of zoonotic pathogens and antimicrobial resistance in public health, animal, and environmental samples. The afternoon session gave the opportunity for the delegates to interact with the experts in a dedicated panel discussion and provided them with the opportunity for a hands-on in-silico interactive session on the design of diagnostic assays using LAMP and LEC-LAMP methods.  

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A total of 99 delegates across all OHEJP partner institutes and countries, with some representation from the industry sector, registered to attend – including PhD students, research fellows (experienced and unexperienced in molecular diagnostics) and group leaders that had interest in molecular diagnostics and the application to One Health. Three VIP places were taken by stakeholders. 

The workshop was a big success, facilitating learning and interactions between ECRs, PGRs and experts. There were opportunities for ECRs and PGRs to discuss solutions for improving current One Health diagnostics between themselves and with experts and foster new collaborations.

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To know more about the programme and speakers, visit our dedicated webpage.




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