One Health EJP Summer School 2020: Global One Health

One Health EJP Summer School 2020: Global One Health

From Research to Practice

Thank you to the organising team at Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, led by Professor Wim van der Poel for organising a very successful One Health Summer School.

The coronavirus pandemic led the organising team to deliver the OHEJP’s second Summer School as a virtual event on 17th-28th August 2020.

The organisers and speakers worked hard to deliver a high-quality interactive course to 34 delegates- almost twice as many as last year, and to our OHEJP stakeholders who were also invited to attend this course.

This year’s programme boasted leading EU and international experts in public health, animal health and environmental health who face today’s challenges to implement One Health strategies in the different health fields.

A wide variety of One Health topics were covered including: disease surveillance for One Health, wildlife and public health, zoonoses modelling, AMR in animals, human and the environment, air- risk of aerosols, droplets and dust, soil- risk from manure-borne diseases, and parasites in the food chain amongst other topics. The programme also included other factors to consider during implementation of One Health strategies such as governance and politics of One Health, sustainable development, economics in global health, socioeconomic impact emerging zoonoses, and connecting with stakeholders.

Delegates represented various stages of their career including bachelors, masters students, PhD students, early career post-doctoral researchers and teaching lecturers.

They belonged to multiple disciplines across the One Health domains including veterinary medicine, human medicine, biological sciences, infectious diseases, disease surveillance, microbiology, mathematical modelling, economics, social sciences, sustainability sciences, public health, and virology.

This unique consortium of delegates allowed for collaborative discussions, for knowledge and experiences to be shared and for collaborative engagements and future relationships to be formed amongst participants from 22 countries across the globe.

Here’s what 2 of our PhD students had to say about the event:

Bosco, METAPRO PhD student, UCM, Spain

“The One Health EJP Summer School 2020 has been a remarkable opportunity to deepen my knowledge of all the aspects of the One Health concept. It was two weeks of amazing talks and discussions shared with top presenters and an incredible group of people from around the world. I loved the fact that despite being an online event the organisation managed to keep it quite interactive. Finally, I want to thank the coordinators for selecting me to be part of such an extraordinary course and I hope to be able to participate in other OHEJP activities.”

Bosco Rodríguez Matamoros OHEJP Profile photo

Sarah Humboldt- Dachroeden, SUSTAIN PhD student, SVA, Sweden

“The OHEJP Summer School 2020 was an amazing opportunity to get to know what it means to work One Health. Not only were the human, animal and environment areas represented, but also the perspectives from governance, politics, social sciences and ethics.
The course went in-depth with well-known topics such as AMR, the lecturers showed examples of One Health projects in different countries and presented new innovative approaches (e.g. circular food systems).
The course offered a substantial amount of information on One Health with lecturers who managed to keep us on the screens for 10 days. All in all, it was great!”


For more information about this Summer School visit the Summer School 2020 page.



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