OHEJP SimEx 2022

Save the date for Joint SimEx/Dissemination Workshop: 6th December 2022


The OHEJP SimEx project was conceptualized under the One Health approach to address a foodborne zoonotic disease outbreak. The SimEx overarching aim was to assess the communication and collaboration between Public Health (PH), Animal Health (AH) and Food Safety (FS) authorities and laboratories within each participating country by providing a table-top exercise that covered a realistic foodborne outbreak at a national level. By achieving this aim, SimEx will contribute to the improvement of each country’s national preparedness to future One Health outbreak.

During the summer of 2022 OHEJP SimEx delivered a challenging foodborne outbreak exercise scenario across 11OHEJP countries which encouraged an intersectoral cooperation through the sharing of experiences, views and perspectives showcasing the added value of employing the One Health approach in an outbreak situation and highlighting the areas requiring further development.

What next?

After successful completion of all SimEx conductions each country writes a report detailing their experiences. A final report containing all country report information will be prepared and a dissemination workshop is planned for 6th December 2022 for invited participants, which is in collaboration with WP5 and WP4.

Who was involved in the SimEx conduction?



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