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Learn about MoMIR project outputs

  • Are you interested in the epidemiology of zoonotic bacterial pathogens, such as Salmonella?
  • How can animal Super-shedders for Salmonella be identified and detected?
  • What new approaches can be used to prevent and control Salmonellosis?

To better understand these questions, JRP MoMIR conducted Salmonella research in pigs, poultry and humans. MoMIR project successfully developed:

1. Predictive markers based on what assigns the risk to become a super-shedder of Salmonella.

2. Immune and microbiota biomarkers of excretion useful to detect animal super-shedders and/ or prolonged human carriers.

3. Salmonella preventive and control measures by characterising prebiotics and probiotics products for use in animals and humans.

4. A pool of cost-effective biosecurity measures at farm level using the tools of mathematical models.

This work has provided information and tools leading to on-farm control of Salmonella essential for improving EU industry sustainability and safe trade. MoMIR project was led by INRAE.

For more information about the MoMIR project’s outputs, outcomes and applications follow this link



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