Learn how JRP AIR-SAMPLE improved detection of Campylobacter in broiler production

airsample project tools banner with text to explain their project and an image of poultry in a farm building

Q. Do you work in broiler production?​

Q. Are you concerned about Campylobacter in poultry?​ ​

The AIR-SAMPLE Project developed and validated air sampling combined with real-time PCR as a low-cost screening method to detect Campylobacter in bio-secured broiler production. It provided a fast and sensitive method that increased the likelihood of detecting Campylobacter in infected flocks.​ The project also tested using metagenomics analyses of air samples to detect Campylobacter.​

Early detection of the zoonotic pathogen Campylobacter, potentially harmful to humans and animals, is essential for food safety, public health and animal health. It can enable measures to be implemented to ensure the food product’s safety and animal and human health. ​

AIR-SAMPLE Project outcomes can be used to apply metagenomics to detect foodborne pathogens, such as Campylobacter.

For more information about these project outputs and their applications, please go to our website. ​

AIR-SAMPLE Project was led by DTU – Technical University of Denmark.



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