The One Health EJP Annual Report 2021 is available!

ohejp annual report 2021 cover

The One Health EJP Annual Report 2021 is available! – 6th June 2022.

The One Health EJP Annual Report 2021 is now available to read on our website! 

The report showcases our research from 24 Joint Research Projects, 6 Joint Integrative Projects and 17 PhD projects on antimicrobial resistance (when microbes evolve mechanisms that protect them from the effects of substances that normally kill them or stop their growth), foodborne zoonoses (infectious agents transmitted from animals to humans from eating food products) and emerging threats (infections that have recently appeared in a population or those whose incidence or geographic range is rapidly increasing). The wide range food safety, public and animal health research undertaken highlights the collaborative and transdisciplinary approach of our Consortium.

​The report shares information on education and training events, and dissemination activities completed in the fourth year. ​We also highlight the science to policy translation activities conducted in 2021 that demonstrate One Health EJP impacts to stakeholders in Europe and beyond. ​ ​You can read the report here.



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