A legacy through our Education and Training activities

A legacy through our Education and Training activities

Since the start of the One Health EJP Education and Training programme in 2018, we have trained over 300 One Health scientists from 46 countries across the world. A key aim of these Education and Training activities has been to train the next generation of One Health researchers and ensure they are equipped with the skills to integrate their knowledge and skills with existing frameworks, and to challenge and improve One Health approaches.



Networking, education and training are all fundamental components for an integrated One Health approach that encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration, and this an important concept adopted by the One Health EJP. These activities create important connections as part of a mutually supportive environment, allowing for insight into all aspects of the One Health concept, and building long term professional relationships.

We are proud to have successfully developed and implemented an innovative training framework which, in addition to our educational activities, offers several training events including annual summer schools, continuing professional development (CPD) modules, satellite workshops to the Annual Scientific Meetings (ASMs) and a series of communication workshops. Each training event is hosted and organised by one of our 44 consortium partners across Europe.

Whether the events have been delivered physically or virtually, all our training events have various interactive components to ensure they are inclusive and accessible to all and address the complexity of using the One Health concept to address global health threats. This includes lectures, practical exercises, live demonstrations, group and individual exercises, mock interviews, scenario-based exercises amongst others.

To date, we have trained delegates on a diverse range of One Health topics including One Health operationalisation, Global One Health, Environmental issues in One Health, Digital Innovation for One Health Practitioners, Software Fair of digital solutions, Outbreak Preparedness and Integrated Approaches to Zoonoses.

Our programme has provided the opportunity for collaboration between students, early-career researchers (ECRs) and other professionals from diverse disciplines and cross-sectoral backgrounds across the globe. Each event also offered VIP places to ECRs who worked in the One Health EJP’s global stakeholders organisations, this included  European and international policy makers. These training events have provided opportunities for collaboration and facilitated the transfer of One Health knowledge and experiences, and encouraged collaborative engagements and future relationships to be formed for One Health activities and implementation of solutions.

We have successfully developed a pioneering training framework with sustainable training materials for participants to continue to benefit from, and reports which describe the design and logistical arrangements of these training events, so that other groups can design and organise similar One Health training events beyond the scope and lifetime of the One Health EJP.

Furthermore, we have nurtured and enhanced cross-sectoral collaboration and integration in the next generation of One Health researchers, and finally, established an Alumni who are comprised of researchers and professionals from our consortium and beyond brought together through our Education and Training platform.

We are proud of the legacies that we have established from these training opportunities and hope they will continue to contribute to improving One Health education far beyond the life of the One Health EJP.

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