Read the case study on OHEJP Cogwheel Workshops

Cogwheel workshop banner 2022

Read our case study on eight highly successful OHEJP Cogwheel workshops held from April 2018 to September 2021.​

These workshops:

  • Fostered research collaborations and developed joint resources with OHEJP projects (including JRPs IMPART, LISTADAPT, METASTAVA, ARDIG, RaDAR, TOXOSOURCES & JIP ORION) and other EU funded projects/initiatives. ​
  • Focused on surveillance and prevention of infectious (animal and human) and foodborne diseases, and antimicrobial resistance.​
  • Shared key research outputs of methods, diagnostic tools, procedures, models and data analysis platforms to improve prevention, detection and response to these threats.​
  • Promoted networking across public health, animal health and food safety sectors for the advancement of One Health.​

Congratulations to all the stakeholders involved in the Cogwheel Workshop series!​

Read the case study here​.



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