One Health EJP Outcome Inventory

One Health EJP Outcome Inventory

The One Health EJP dissemination activities are numerous and diverse. With 30 Joint Research and Joint Integrative Projects and 17 PhD projects, it is essential we are equipped to keep on top of our research outcomes and the One Health impact they have. Additionally, we have a global network of stakeholders who are interested in our progress and research outcomes.

We have a Work Package dedicated to translating science to policy, which has our stakeholders at its core. You can find out more about our stakeholders here. Work Package 5 ensures that the consortium’s results are made readily available for policy and decision making through targeted dissemination activities. Targeted dissemination alone, however, cannot reach all the interested parties.

To display the consortium’s outcomes to a wider number of stakeholders, we have created the One Health EJP Outcome Inventory (OHOI). This inventory is a public online database that catalogues the outcomes and updates of our Joint Research and Joint Integrative Projects, in addition to our PhD projects and overarching One Health EJP activities. The inventory actively links our stakeholders’ needs and interests with the scientific and integrative results from our consortium. It not only highlights the outcomes from our scientific and integrative activities but supports dissemination of results across the consortium.

The One Health EJP Outcome Inventory is a tool which adds value to our repertoire of dissemination activities and aims to raise awareness of the work we achieve. Given its public nature, it is targeted towards a wide range of stakeholders, including national stakeholders like ministries of authorities, other One Health networks, and EU and international agencies. It is also a useful tool for internal dissemination and to improve the connection and collaboration between One Health EJP projects. In addition, by cataloguing outcomes in one place, the OHOI helps to identify similar activities, thus avoiding duplication of efforts as they emerge.

Overall, the OHOI, alongside all the other One Health EJP dissemination activities, contributes to a more cohesive, One Health approach to key global issues such as foodborne zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance and emerging infectious threats.

Links to our Outcome Inventory can be found here if you would like to take a look!

Keep a check on our website for further updates to OHOI later this year.

And if you would like to find out more about our activities surrounding Science to Policy Translation visit the dedicated page on our website here.




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